Importance of Customers

Customers ultimately determine the direction of the business. So with all the current technological advancements, piecing together the way that you want your business to communicate could be rather challenging. There is so much more to consider when in the end all you want to do is to provide the best for your business as well as your customers.

Is your company communications heading in the right direction?

  • What ways do you communicate with customers?
  • How do you communicate and share information with colleagues?
  • Do your existing applications and systems working harmoniously?
  • Are you using systems and software’s that are disconnected from your actual business needs?
  • How much time, money and energy are you using to pull together solutions that meet your budget and contribute towards revenue?
  • Are your systems on site or do you have a mixture of hosted subscriber services?
  • And with these you meeting General Data Protection Regulations?

and so on…

There’s a vast amount of communications solutions available out there. Some are white-labelled or rebranded and re-sold under many guises. Most of which can provide cost savings and perform perfectly well, but it is key that any new technology introduced to a business not only “connects” to existing¬†assets, but also supports, enables, differentiates and furthermore drives the business to even more successes.

Some key questions that you could ask

  • Is the product easy to manage?
  • How much training will staff members require?
  • Are there any charges for updates?
  • Will there be developments and how will this impact us?
  • Is the vendor of the product stable?
  • How am I supported, what are the charges?
  • Will the product work with my existing¬†systems and applications and their individual¬†developments?
  • What happens if my system fails and how quickly can I be up and running again?
  • How does this technology benefit the business overall?
  • Can you provide an ROI?
  • Are we continually achieving savings and how?
  • Will the technology keep up with our customer’s changing demands and our business growth?
  • Is our data and service secure?

The team at Crowthorne have spent over 20 years helping our customers to achieve what they fully desire from technology.

How can we help you?

  • Spending a substantial amount of time understanding the “drive” for the requirement, so that we are able to meet your needs
  • Auditing expenditure and operational costs to provide you with a sound rationale to support change
  • Performing diagnostic and create troubleshooting test environments to ensure that any new technology introduced fits perfectly
  • Making sure that you experience immediate benefit from any new additions

As specialist communication solution providers we use a far broader base of technologies to draw from; using our extensive knowledge and experience from the most reliable and established vendors/developers.

In essence we stay with you; we are accessible, present and reactive, providing you with one point of contact with our 24/7 UK helpdesk and support team.

Finally to us at Crowthorne customer is king! In other words, we want our clients talking about how we excel in the superb service we provide, whether you are just starting up or sustaining growth it’s certainly good to chat.

Get to know us we promise we will not bite!