Crowthorne are happy to partner with various companies to offer the best Property Management Systems and other solutions. These include, but are not limited to, solutions for guest administration voice messaging and wakeup management and infrastructure management product to name just a few of the solutions we have able to our customers.

Connected Guests

IConnected GuestsP Connect manages the authentication and billing of high speed internet access across a property. IP Connect can be provided as an appliance, as software only or deployed within a virtualized environment.

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Guestline are experts in cloud-hosted property management, distribution and digital marketing technologies for the hospitality industry

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Other Property Management Systems

Whilst we are happy to partner with companies such as Connected Guests and Guestline to offer Property Management Systems and other solutions, we also work alongside of partners including Opera, Telecom Eye and Jazz Fusion for example as we are dedicated to tailoring the most suitable Property Management System or other solutions to meet our customers needs.

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