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IP Connect by Connected Guests

The HSIA wireless and wired LAN infrastructure management platform needs to be highly efficient and reliable. IP Connect (from Connected Guests) has a proven track record in delivering maximum up-time and reliability to hotels groups and estates on a global scale. Designed to manage the authentication and billing of guests, IP Connect provides a role based intuitive management platform for the guests and conference delegates using this HSIA service.

Features:Connected Guests

Hotspot Manager
Mobile Application
Portal Page Management
Room/Port Management
Billing Plan Management
User Management
Revenue Reports
Pass through and URL Filtering
Dynamic Traffic Shaping

Improved Network Connectivity with IP Connect from Connected Guests

With the number of smart devices projected to surpass 6.1 billion by 2020, hoteliers need to ensure effective and robust guest internet connectivity for their residents.
IP Connect will enable hotel staff to manage the guest internet expectation, improve the experience and subsequently reduce the chance of negative publicity on the social media sites.
IP Connect provides a highly efficient HSIA wireless and wired LAN infrastructure management platform offering a single sign-on experience for the guest and also enables smarter bedroom and network integration. So whether a guest is staying at the hotel or attending a conference or event, IP Connect will keep them connected.
The global hospitality industry is experiencing strong growth and an important industry trend is for hotels to provide guests with a “Home Away from Home” experience. Guests now expect the same technology experience in their hotel that they would have at home.
IP Connect feature benefits include the ability for guests to create a secure in- room network and personalize their stay with their own TV streaming media devices, to access live and recorded shows, movies and sports. IP Connect enables the guest to cast these media devices directly to the hotel television.

iCharge by Connected Guests

Charge delivers first class performance in the integration of Property Management Systems, PBX, Voicemail, High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), IPTV, Guest BYOD and Call Accounting within a single application. This is a proven solution and has defined the standards for hotel groups on a global basis.
iCharge can be premise based, deployed in a virtualised environment, or hosted above property in a private or public data center and operated as a SaaS model. The ability to integrate via bi-directional interfaces to 3rd party applications such as Property Management Systems, PBX, Voicemail, HSIA and IPTV in real-time is at the core of the iCharge technology.

iCharge provides a platform for interconnecting all front and back office applications either in a single hotel or across a multiple properties with centralised management systems. The application has a comprehensive list of call accounting features and functionality that can enable hotel staff to easily manage the voice billing for the guests and administration teams.


Voice Billing

Data Billing

PBX 2 Way Integration

Voicemail 2 Way Integration

High Speed Internet Access

2 Way Integration

TV 2 Way Integration

Room Status

VIP Registration

Message Waiting

Innline by Connected Guests

Innline is the premier solution for guest and administration voice messaging and wakeup management. The application has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry with complete integration to the hotel’s Property Management System.

Innline has become the preferred standard for many international hotel groups and provides the necessary platform for hoteliers and hotel operators to assist the discerning guest in their daily messaging and wakeup requirements. InnLine provides hotels with guest and administration mailboxes, multiple languages, wakeup call management including group facilities, room or maid status, auto-attendant and mini-bar billing.

Efficient communication services within the hotel are vital and the InnLine application is an important layer of technology that will enhance the guests experience whilst improving staff productivity and performance.


SIP-Based Integration

Analog and Digital Based Integration

PMS Integrated

Minibar (requires iLink or iCharge)

Mailbox Open/Close

Wake Up Set/Clear


Guest Group Messaging

Multi-level Auto Attendant

iConnect by Connected Guests

Today’s hotels aren’t just selling rooms, they are selling experiences. And with increased competition it’s become even more important for hoteliers to differentiate themselves by providing exceptional guest experiences. One key differentiator is to offer a way for guests to use their preferred method of communication – their mobile phone. iConnect enables hotel guests to use their own personal mobile devices to make and receive calls over the hotel’s WiFi network. The guest’s mobile device becomes an extension of the hotel’s voice system to improve guest mobility, increase connectivity between the guest and hotel and provide revenue opportunities for hotels.

Increase connectivity between guest and hotel Connecting with guests during their stay is important and since guests are mobile, hotels need to think mobile. With iConnect, hotels can contact guests anywhere on the hotel property including the golf course, hotel restaurants, spa, pool and so forth. The guest’s mobile becomes an extension of the hotel PBX, making it simple for the hotel to contact the guest. Guests can use their mobile device to request hotel services including wakeup requests, housekeeping, room service, and maintenance requests.

Telephone Revenue Opportunity Hoteliers are always looking for new ways to upsell to their guests. With iConnect, hotels can do this easily by offering call bundles to capture telephony revenue. Another option, which has become increasing popular as mobile device usage continues to grow at a strong pace, is to upsell hotel services via proximity and location awareness. For example, when a guest is walking through the hotel, hoteliers can promote the spa or hotel restaurant by pushing special offers to the guest’s mobile device.

iPGS by Connected Guests

The iPGS mobile application is designed to enrich the technology experience of the guest and empowers them with all relevant and up-to-date content at their finger-tips. The solution enables the hotelier to communicate & promote revenue generating services to the guest in a structured but noninvasive manner.
Replace the traditional paper based in–room welcome pack and directory of guest services with a complimentary, multi-lingual, interactive app that is suited to the modern day traveller. Whether it is displaying restaurant menus, controlling in-room systems (e.g. air conditioning, lights, blinds), booking your spa treatment or searching for the golf tee off times – the iPGS mobile app is your pocket concierge.

Designed for the guest to download and use on their smart devices, iPGS is freely available on the Android & iOS online stores.

Bespoke design & branding enables the hotel to maintain 24 x7 x 365 presence on their client’s devices.

FeaturesConnected Guests

Guest BYOD

Guest Content Delivery

PMS Integrated

Convenient Access

Ease of Use

Wake Up Set / Clear

Explore the Hotel

Interactive Room Services

Targeted Advertisement

Guest Relations


HotelMGR by Connected Guests

Streamlining services and optimising staff productivity can impact the overall experience of the guests during their hotel stay. HotelMGR is a solution specifically designed to manage workflow, maintenance duties and preventative maintenance schedules, ensuring all hotel services are functioning, standards are maintained and guest expectation is exceeded.

Maids and housekeeping staff can use the bedroom telephone or the HotelMGR app to raise an automated ticket for a specific room defect such as an electrical or plumbing problem. This ticket will then be automatically issued to the most appropriately skilled resource via smart devices. Once the ticket has been accepted and the necessary remedial work completed the ticket can then be closed or referred for further follow-up work. Escalations can be defined within the application and full management reporting capability comes as standard.


Workflow Management

Issue Tracking

Issue Prioritisation

Issue Entry

Skills-Based Dispatching

Work Ticket Dispatch

Work Ticket Tracking


Issue Customisation