Business Continuity Solutions

Planning for disaster recovery.

Our approach to providing any solution is to be simple and straightforward and planning for the unexpected is no exception. Crowthorne has the technical expertise and the experience to not only prepare your business for a temporary interruption but to steer you through it.

Having the right plan in place should the lights go out is essential, but it doesn’t need to always be about the worst case scenario. Big situations can be avoided by doing smaller ‘house-keeping’ tasks; constant monitoring, results reviewing and consistent back-ups can and do prevent collapse from happening.

Business Continuity

If the lights go out

We’ll be there to ensure they go back on again as soon as possible. Our years of experience will provide you with a high level of accuracy concerning outage time because we know that 9/10 times external factors will be at play. Plus we’ll have already initiated the back-up plan.

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Why Crowthorne

Business continuity strategies include many daily chores such as project management, change control and help desk. It is not something implemented at the time of a disaster but refers to the activities performed daily to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability.

Our business continuity services include:

  • Core Systems (Telephone System, Servers, Switches, Applications).
  • Core Data (Real Time, Scheduled, Phased Back Up).
  • Data Recovery. Core Services (Telephone Lines, Internet, IPVPN).
  • Policy & Strategy Development & Management.

We know that by performing critical daily checks, we’ll have your back-up ready when you need it and we’ll keep updated

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