Wireless Hardware: Choosing the right one for your business

There are many so many factors to consider when choosing the right wireless that is right for your business.

Whether you are thinking of purchasing new wireless hardware to

  • Increase guest/customer experience
  • Provide increased productivity and mobility for staff members
  • Track and locate assets
  • Produce analytical data
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Improve overall operations
  • Save money on supporting legacy systems by supporting Vo-Wi-Fi technology

Some common considerations

  • Reliability under sustained, heavy usage
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Management and monitoring of the network and how you would like to view it in real time
  • Support
  • Infrastructure
  • Security

Is there really such as thing as a bargain?

Bargains, on the whole, will bring poor performance, limited technical support and limited compatibility with other devices and applications on your network.

It is easy to get it right but so many misinformed purchases compromise on security, customer experience and ultimately disrupt the business through poor quality.

There is always a good reason for dramatically different pricing and understanding those differences is where we can help.

What should I expect from a supplier?

Since the wireless hardware is one of the most important business decisions to make, choosing the right supplier will determine the success of your new technology.

  • Partnership, the supplier should be interested in how your business works understanding key technology decision frameworks and processes
  • Security, any supplier worth their salt will be assessing the network and firewalls but also working with you to assist your company in adopting sharing controls and permission-based standards
  • Expert knowledge of how data and voice is delivered through a wireless network
  • Strong understanding of the market and available wireless hardware to ensure longevity and robustness
  • Vendor neutrality, ensuring broad compatibility and interchangeability of products and technologies
  • Unbiased business practices, suppliers should be introducing best of breed technology, offering options
  • Able to support the wireless network 24/7 additionally a strong relationship with the manufacturers is essential
  • Design and surveyance and surveyance again. Pre and post surveys are essential to make sure that the delivery of coverage is sound, especially at peak usage times/demands
  • Disaster recovery options and the resiliency of the connections should be a strong focus point

What to expect from Crowthorne

We design and support a large number of wireless networks for businesses in the UK. A sample of these can be found by heading over to our products page.

From enterprise hotel chains to warehouse, retail, schools, there is nothing more rewarding to us than providing our customers with reliable and powerful solutions that perform.

Taking the time to get to know your business, so that we can deliver an honest and genuinely excellent service is at the forefront of ethics.

Our customers know that at peak times their network will more than just handle any number of multiple devices, video streaming, calls and sharing but it will thrive with the additional capacity to deliver more.

One of our main drives at Crowthorne is that we want our clients talking about how we excel in the superb service we provide, whether you are just starting up or sustaining growth it’s certainly good to chat. info@crowthorne.com

Thanks for your time!