Cullimore Dutton

Crowthorne delivers resilience and continuity for Cullimore Dutton

Cullimore Dutton is a 200-year-old business that provides the highest quality legal advice, to both commercial and private clients. Distributed throughout a 2-site campus, it retains the use of approximately 100 members of staff.

Concern about excessive costs and their reliance upon aged and legacy based services and technologies, they sort the help of Crowthorne to deploy next generation network unified communications services and technologies, that facilitated this converged NGN (non geographic number) business solution.

Business Overview

This long standing 200 year old business, provides the highest quality legal advice, with honest and upfront commitment, to both commercial and private Clients. Over recent years, this business has been acclaimed and recognised by both Clients, the Legal 500, and the Chambers Directory. This business is distributed throughout a 2 site campus, and retains the use of approximately 100 members of staff.

Business Objectives & Requirements

  • Reduce the excessive costs associated with a variety of different Cost Centres within the business technology and services environment.
  • Remove the reliance upon aged and legacy based services and technologies.
  • Alleviate the risks and issues associated with existing services that retain limited capacity and intelligence.
  • Considerably strengthen the business strategy for resilience and continuity across the entire services and technologies environment.
  • Deploy a business solution that provides an aggressive 24/7 4hour SLA, Service and Support function.
  • Enable the business to interface, effectively “converge”, critical business services, systems, ultimately enhancing business operations and customer services.
  • Allow the business to “control their own destiny” with the provision of interactive management, administration, and service platforms. Proactive as opposed to reactive.
  • Analyse, consolidate, reduce, & remove redundant services, technologies, and Partners.
  • Facilitate smarter working practices and operational processes.

Solution Implementation

Crowthorne assessed and analysed the entire business technology, services and operational environment. Crowthorne identified all of the risks associated with the environment. Crowthorne demonstrated clear understanding as to Cullimore Dutton’s requirement’s and objectives. Crowthorne designed the most appropriate solution for Cullimore Dutton, utilising a range of next generation network unified communications services and technologies, that facilitated this converged NGN business solution:

  • Business Telephone Lines and Call Services.
  • Business IP and Internet Connectivity.
  • Business Mobile Telephone Voice and Data Services.
  • Unified Communications – Mobile Extension/Twinning, “One Number” Contact, Fax To Email, SMS To Email, Intelligent Call Routing and Management.
  • Business Continuity for Telephone Lines, IP and Internet Connectivity, Telephone System, and Security.
  • Fully Managed Service with a 24/7, 4 Hour, SLA.
  • Single, consolidated, Management, invoicing, Service, and Support strategies.

Crowthorne agreed strategy with Cullimore Dutton to ensure suitability of the solution within the business environment. Crowthorne, in partnership with Cullimore Dutton, installed, commissioned, and tested the solution. Crowthorne continues to provide the management and support services for this solution.

Solution Benefits

  • Cullimore Dutton realised real cost savings of 38% per annum.
  • A business solution that did not require any cap-ex, upfront, investment.
  • Solution architecture that retains greater intelligence, features, functions, and capacity.
  • Consolidated and converged services, technologies, and operational environment.
  • Smarter working practices and more flexible operational processes.
  • Interactive management platforms that enable proactive management and administration strategies for the future.
  • Enhanced business performance and service delivery.
  • Strong business continuity and resilience strategies for core systems and services.

Customer Comments

"...At last, a solution that improves the business operation, makes life a lot simpler, doesn’t cost a fortune, and gives us real cost savings… Crowthorne, make for a refreshing difference to the rest, and we highly recommend them..."

Stephen Roberts (IT Manager for Cullimore Dutton).