Crowthorne Asset Finance

Manage cash flow, preserve capital and existing bank credit lines.

Our asset finance service helps businesses to manage their cash flow more effectively, preserve both capital and existing bank credit lines, whilst enabling vital assets to be acquired in the most tax-efficient manner. This combination will increase the efficiency and competitiveness of any business.

Asset Finance

An increasing number of customers now taking advantage of this form of borrowing as an alternative to overdrafts or other bank facilities by understanding your business challenges, plans and ambitions, we can provide a range of tailor made finance solutions which we feel is hard to beat

What is Asset Finance?

As a business you are probably looking at the price of your new asset and weighing up your options, as large one off payments can mean your cash flow takes a heavy hit. This is where asset finance can help.

Asset finance is a simple, cost effective way to fund essential equipment to grow and support your business, whilst minimising the drain on working capital.

It helps your business by:

  • Funding business investment without taking capital out of your reserves
  • Helping spread large costs evenly in line with your income and expenditure
  • Improving budgeting accuracy by giving you fixed known costs to plan against

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Benefits of Asset Finance

Paying in cash outright for an asset can be a significant drain on a company’s working capital and in today’s economy businesses are looking to rein in their spending and conserve cash. Whilst this is prudent, the concerning factor is that the necessary investment in replacing out-dated equipment or expanding production is postponed or cancelled.

The risk is that older equipment becomes inefficient which damages productivity. It may become uneconomic to maintain and cause delays in production, with significant knock-on effects.

By using our Asset Finance service, the need for any postponement of replacing or upgrading equipment is removed.

  • No Large Outlay  The biggest advantage of financing assets is that there is no need for you to pay the entire amount upfront with the majority of the cost being spread over a number of years.

  • Cash Flow – As our finance solutions allows costs to be spread over time the cost over time the customer can pay for the asset with the income it generates (therefore, paying for itself) whilst minimising the drain on working capital.

  • Fixed Cost Funding  Payment are agreed up front and fixed for the life of the agreement, making cash flow management more predictable.

  • Credit Lines  By ensuring a big cash outlay is not required, our finance solutions preserve your other credit lines, (such as additional bank loans etc). This allows you to keep other lines of funding open.

  • Obsolescence – If the company anticipates frequently replacing the fixed asset, leasing for example, allows you to work around obsolescence by being able to easily upgrade your equipment throughout your agreement.

  • Purchasing Power  Financing assets can increase purchasing power by allowing you access to better assets (e.g. A more efficient / faster / more accurate product) that may be too expensive to buy outright.

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